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Jiangkou motors are well known for their high quality, long life and reliability. The Quality organization is responsible to ensure that the internal company systems, policies and operation procedures are established and successfully implemented company-wide to meet customer requirements and expectations. This organization consists of experienced Quality Assurance and Quality Control staffs and is entitled, "Quality at Jiangkou."

Quality is designed and built into everything we do at Jiangkou. Long life and trouble free operation of Jiangkou motors are ensured by applying quality methods at every stage of the manufacturing processes. It is the Company Quality Statement to provide customers with highest quality product and service through focusing on customers needs and continuously improving our overall work.

Quality Management System

A systematic and documented quality management system has been established in accordance with the ISO9001-2000 quality standard. The quality management system covers activities of every aspect and in more detail this involves the following as a minimum:
  • Creating and updating the quality policy and objectives and making them understood and carried out throughout the company.
  • Providing on-the job and other necessary training to the production workers and personnel affecting quality.
  • Reviewing the contracts to ensure the company has capacity and capability to meet customer requirements.
  • Periodically auditing quality system implementation to identify discrepancy or non-conformance.
  • Applying statistical techniques to process capability study and quality analysis.
  • Taking corrective and preventive preventive actions to the identified problems to remove root causes of them.
  • Striving for overall continuous improvement to ensure our success.
Quality control: Inspection and Testing
Inspection and testing are carried out to the incoming materials and components, in-process product and finished product for any or all required product characteristics. Testing methods range from manual to fully automated, and the fully automated process can consume thousands of units per day. Any nonconforming product whenever found is recorded, analyzed and disposed properly, and root causes are found out and corrected to prevent recurrence of the nonconformance. All inspection and testing equipments are calibrated on a scheduled basis.


3C ISO9001 certificate CE Certificate UL Certificate RoHS

Continuous Improvement

We continuously strive for improvements in all of the operations of the organization. These improvements come through a wide variety of sources including: technology improvements, new equipment and tools, restructuring of the organization or work systems, training and process enhancements. Continuous improvement is achieved by a process of identifying, quantifying, and eliminating waste either on a continuous or step basis. Waste may be in the form of material, capital, time, or a waste of gross profit due to lost sales or new business opportunities.